How to Setup FPS (Frame Per Second)

The speed of an animation depends on the number of frames you have and the FPS. If you have fewer inbetweens (the frames between the key frames), or a lower FPS, your animation is likely to look clunky. 

Controlling the speed is never easy. You might feel that an animation is playing too fast. The reasons might be that there are not enough inbetweens to make the transition of each movement smooth. The video might look like a very fast playing photo slides instead of an animated video. To avoid this, please add in more inbetweens and adjust the FPS. If you feel the animation is too slow, you can use a higher FPS. We recommend not to have FPS under 12.

You can set up FPS when starting a new sequence.


In the editing section, tap on the "play" button on the left side, and tap on the middle of the play bar to adjust the FPS. 




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