How to Add Sounds, Transition Effects and Subtitles

We're very excited to announce the latest release of our sister app, Write-on Video Cloud!

You can now transfer your animation projects to Write-on Video Cloud for post production. Add transition effects, subtitles and audio to your animation, and turn them into a solid animated film!

1. Download Write-on Video Cloud

Click here.

2. Export your projects through the "Export" portal below, select "Open in Write-on Video"

3. Tap "+", select the option on the left and add transition effects.

4. Add text as subtitle or caption.

5. Add Stickers.

6. Add freehand drawings.

7. You can always adjust the time you want your text, stickers or audio to appear. Each colored bar below represents an edit, tap on the bar of the edit, and scroll to increase the display time, or move to change the time it appears.

8. Once you have finished editing your project, tap on the export icon on the left.

9. Lastly, select a location to export!

Done! Now you see how easy it is to edit your animation project and turn them into an actual animated film. Try it out yourself and show us your masterpiece through social media or share it on AniZone!

Happy Animating!

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