How to Use the Stamp Tool


1. Tap on the Stamp Tool (looks like black frame) at the left.
2. Tap on “shapes” or “ Get More Stamps.”
3. Select the shape you wish to apply.
4. Tap on the “Stamp” icon to stamp.

Hint: you can also use "Rubbing"


1.Tap on the “Lasso” icon at the right.
2. Draw an outline you wish to crop.
3. You can choose to snap by tapping the “camera” icon or cut by tapping the “scissor” icon.

If you want to hide the window, please tap on the word "Stamp Tool" at the top-left of the window.
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    Good evening,


    This isn’t very clear and it should go along some order with how your guys do these explain tools. For example, using pictures to take you strep by step is a great way to help with this. 


    Thanks for letting me comment.

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    @Zackmto, thank you! We just finished remaking the tutorials for the new Animation Desk. We will pick up on Animation Desk Classic after a little break. Thanks again for your comment!

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