How to Do Audio Recording

Note: NoteLedge allows users to make audio recordings and add them to the notes.
An essential feature for students to record professor’s voice and add it to the lesson summary.

Scenario: You can audio record your lectures and combine it with notes, pictures or screenshots you made in class.

1. Tap + in the bottom-right corner of the note and choose microphone icon. 

2. The microphone icon will appear in your note. 

3. Tap the icon and choose record button to start recording. 




4. Click on it to stop recording . To continue, tap the record button again.

5. Click on play button to play the recording . 

6. You can add tags to your audio by simply clicking tag icon and type a name. The name will be shown next to your audio.

7. You can drag and drop your audio recording in any place of the note.

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