How to Export Notes as PDFs

There are two ways to convert notes to PDFs

When you're logged in Kdan Cloud, you can do the online conversion and save the exported PDFs in NoteLedge.

  1. Go to the file list. 
  2. Click the arrow under each note to review the menu.
  3. Choose "Conversion to PDF". 
  4. The exported PDF will be in the NoteLedge file list for easy management


When you're not logged in Kdan Cloud, you may convert notes to PDFs and save it to a local Mac folder.

  1. Select a notebook and tap on it with two fingers, the menu will pop up.
  2. Click on "Export."
  3. Before saving it, you can rename, add tags, select destination, and choose to save as .pdf or .nl.
  4. When you're done, tap "Save."
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