How to Get Kdan Cloud Service

1. To register your Kdan Cloud account, You can sign up for free at the Kdan Cloud website, or register within NoteLedge.

2. Get 500MB of FREE cloud storage. You will get an verification after registration. Click the link in the email to verify your account and receive 500MB of storage.

3. If you missed your verification email, you can resend it from the Kdan Cloud website. Sign in at Kdan Cloud website, and you can request to resend the verification email at the notification center.

4. With Kdan Cloud, you can

a) Backup and sync your notes with just ONE step.

b) Convert files via the online converter to produce high quality documents in azw3, ePUB, PDF, docx and mobi format.

c) Upload notes to Kdan Cloud, and add the links to your Calendar.

d) Share download links instantly.

e) Read and manage notes directly from your browser.

f) Sync and access your notes across all devices. Kdan Cloud is currently available for Noteledge on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 and Mac.

g) Download free templates from Notetube, or share your own works.

5. How to backup and sync files with Kdan Cloud?

a) Sign in your Kdan Cloud account.

b) Tap the status bar to upload or download the file. Please notice the cloud status and last modified time before sync and replace your file.  

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