How To Clip Website Content-IPad Only

 How to clip website content and organize everything in your notes?

First, open the web clipper in NoteLedge and start browsing websites.  

Clip texts

  1. Select texts

  2. Long press on the text, and choose “Clip to NoteLedge”

  3. Find the texts in your notes

Clip images

  1. Long press on an image

  2. Tap “Clip this image to NoteLedge”

  3. The image will be downloaded and inserted to your note.

Clip audio or video clips

  1. Play or long press on a video or audio clip

  2. Tap “Yes” on the pop-up notification asking if you want to embed the video to NoteLedge

  3. Find the audio or video clip in your notes. Please note that the videos embedded are online. you need to connect to the Internet to watch videos.

Crop a screenshot

  1. Tap the knife icon in the toolbar at top-right, and circle the area you wish to crop. NoteLedge will automatically recognize the cropped area if the area you selected is circle, rectangle, or triangle. 

  2. Insert the cropped screenshot to your note. Or you can save it to your iPad library and use in other places later. The image will be saved in Photos > NoteLedge Clips.

Add bookmarks

  1. Tap the “Star” icon in the toolbar at top-right and save. You may rename the bookmark.

  2. Find the bookmarks

Clip the entire web page to Noteledge

  1. Tap the icon (two opposite arrows with hook) in the toolbar at top-left, you will be able to save the whole web page as extracted images and texts. 

      2. After converting, the content will be in your note.

      3. If you want to change the page order, tap the icon (looks like four blocks) in top-left of your note, you will be able to edit it.

      △ Attention: some information will be lost if the website use div or JavaScript

When you're done clipping, you can start everything in your notes.

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