How to Register and Get FREE Storage (註冊並獲得免費空間)

1. Register your Kdan Cloud account. You can sign up for free at the Kdan Cloud website, or register within PDF Connoisseur.

2. Get 500MB of FREE cloud storage. You will get an verification after registration. Click the link in the email to verify your account and receive 500MB of storage.

3. If you missed your verification email, you can resend it from the Kdan Cloud website.
Sign in at Kdan Cloud website, and you can request to resend the verification email at the notification center.


1. 註冊Kdan Cloud帳號,您可到Kdan Cloud網頁註冊帳號,或也可在PDF Connoisseur App內註冊。

2. 獲得500MB免費雲端空間,註冊完後您將會收到一封認證email,請點擊信件內的連結,即可獲得500MB免費空間。

3. 如果您未收到認證信,可以登入Kdan Cloud網頁,要求重新寄送認證信。

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