How to Share/Zip/Rename/Copy/Delete/Move my files

PDF Markup provides 2 ways that enable you to manage you documents.

Approach 1: Manage Files via Left-Swipe Gesture

1.Tap  "Documents" () and you will see the file list.

2. Tap on one file and swipe from right to left to share / copy / rename / create link / delete.

Approach 2: Manage Files via Action Buttons

1.Tap  "Documents" () for the file list and then tap "Edit" at the top right corner.

2. You will see a checkbox appeared in front of each file or folder.

3. Select the desired file(s) for management, and you will see a menu bar on the bottom of the screen. 

4. Tap  on the menu bar and you will see more options to choose from.

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