How to Transfer Files from PDF Reader to PDF Markup using WiFi Connection (利用WiFi傳輸移轉檔案)

Before transferring all files to PDF Markup, please compress all the files stored in PDF Reader into one zip file first. 

Transfer between different devices via WiFi connection

1. Tap "" (Connection) on the main menu bar within PDF Reader and turn on the Wi-Fi connection. 

2. Key in the address on your web browser and back up the zip file to your PC or Mac. 

3. Install PDF Markup on the other device. Then tap " " and enable Wi-Fi connection in the app.

4. Key in the address on your web browser and upload the zip file to PDF Markup on the other device.



(提醒您請先將PDF Reader內所有檔案壓縮成一Zip檔案)

1. 開啟PDF Reader中功能列上的WiFi傳輸按鈕

2. 將App畫面中顯示的網址,填入桌機上的網頁瀏覽器,並將Zip檔備份至PC或Mac上

3. 在另外一個有安裝PDF Markup的裝置中,開啟App並啟動WiFi傳輸

4. 將App畫面中顯示的網址,填入桌機上的網頁瀏覽器,並將原先備份的Zip檔案上傳至PDF Markup即可


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