How to Transfer Files from PDF Reader to PDF Markup using Kdan Cloud (利用Kdan Cloud移轉檔案)

Please compress all the files stored in PDF Reader into one zip file first. 

Transfer files via Kdan Cloud

1. Sign in to your Kdan Cloud.

2. Then upload the zip file to Kdan Cloud directly from PDF Reader.

3. After uploading, sign in to your Kdan account from within PDF Markup. 

4. Tap "" (Kdan Docs) for your file library on Kdan Cloud. You will see the uploaded zip file appeared in the file list.

5. Tap “Download” and then unzip the file.


6. Now you can sync files between different apps or devices via Kdan Cloud.


透過Kdan Cloud移轉檔案

(提醒您請先將PDF Reader內所有檔案壓縮成一Zip檔案)

1. 在PDF Reader中登入您的Kdan ID

2. 在Zip檔下有下拉選單,並選擇上傳該Zip檔至您的Kdan Cloud儲存空間

3. 上傳完畢後,再至PDF Markup登入您的Kdan ID

4. 至主功能列上的"" (Kdan Docs)中,搜尋您剛上傳的Zip檔

5. 並從該Zip檔開啟下拉選單,選擇將檔案下載至App內

6. 現在您可以透過Kdan ID不在同app或裝置間傳輸檔案


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