How to Send Notes and Annotate via iMessage?

You can send notes to your friends instantly via iMessage. What's more, you can add annotation on your notes, and makes communication easier than ever!

1.    Open iMessage and select the contact you’d like to send notes to.

2.    Tap the “Application” icon and find NoteLedge. If you don’t see NoteLedge in the list of apps, please enable NoteLedge from iMessage App Store.


a.    Tap “+” and go to iMessage App Store

b.    Go to “Manage”

c.    Find NoteLedge, and switch it on.


3.    Select the note you’d like to send.

4.    To send the entire notebook as an PDF, simply tap the note name, and send.




5.    Or you can select a specific page, add annotations, and send as an image or PDF


a.    Tap “Details”

b.    Preview page thumbnails and select the page you’d like to send.

c.    Tap “Annotation” and find the markup tools to annotate on the image

d.    Choose the format you’d like to send (PNG or PDF)

e.    Send

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