How to Search, Download and Edit Files on NoteTube


△ There are two ways to search notes on NoteTube.

Search Tip 1: Browse by Topic

1_Notetube_browse.PNG1. Select "NoteTube" on the top of File Manager

2. Choose the most popular topics picked by our staff.

3. Or, you can browse the most popular and most recent notes published on NoteTube.


Search Tip 2. Search by Tags

1. Search tags to find the notes you're interested in.

2. Or choose from the recommended tags to find related notes.

△ Download notes from NoteTube as templates, and edit the contents.


1. Find the note you'd like to download on NoteTube. Tap and view Note Profile.

2. Tap the "Download" button from Note Profile.

3. Go back to the File Manager. The note will be downloaded and placed under My Notes.

4. Now start editing those templates and get creative!

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