How to Delete Files (from PDF Reader and from Android device)

  1. Go to the main menu sidebar from the homepage.
  2. Tap on “Document” and you will see the file manager page.2.3-1.png
  3. Tap and hold on the PDF file you want to delete for 2 seconds until it can be selected.
  4. Tap the icon (shown as three vertical dots) in top-right corner.
  5. You will see the delete button   on the list, tap to delete PDFs.


(2017/2/24 updated)

Note: The current version of PDF Reader does not support direct file deletion.

Please follow the steps below to see how to delete PDF files from your device.

  1. Go to SD memory card, search for the target file. If you're not sure what's lurking in your storage areas -- internal or SD -- a file manager app can be used to explore your data.
  2. Long tap the file for 2 second, a pop-up message will ask if you would like to delete it.
  3. Tap “Delete.”


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