How to Download Files from Kdan Cloud

For registered members, please verify your email address before you sign in for 500MB of FREE storage on Kdan Cloud. 

Non-member users still can enjoy the best PDF Reader provided by Kdan even without being registered.

1. Tap "Kdan Cloud" (  ) and sign in to your account first. (FREE registration)

2. After signing in to your Kdan account, you will see a file list which shows all documents uploaded to Kdan Cloud. Select the desired file and tap on the cloud icon.


3. Then select "Download" to import files to PDF Reader 6 Premium. 

4. To manage your documents stored on Kdan Cloud, please tap "  " directly in your PDF Reader 6 Premium or visit the website at

For more advanced features, including file conversion and page-level editing tools, please subscribe to our Business Deluxe Pack service.


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