How to Transfer Files from PDF Reader to PDF Markup "Open-in" (利用Open in移轉檔案)

Please compress all the files stored in PDF Reader(Premium) first!

Transfer files from PDF Reader to PDF Markup (using PDF Markup Ultimate as an example)


1. Tap “Documents” tab () and then tap “Edit” ( )  at top-right corner.

2. Choose “Select All” () and then tap “Zip” () to compress all the files into one zip file.

3. Tap “ ” at the top-right corner again and select the zip file.

4. Then tap “Open-in” (   ) in the three-dots icon and select “PDF Markup” to export the zip file.


5. Go to PDF Markup Cloud(Ultimate) and then tap the file to unzip your files.  


要透過Open in功能移轉所有檔案至PDF Markup,請先將所有檔案壓縮成單一Zip檔

以下以PDF Markup Ultimate為例

1. 點擊"Documents"後,並點選畫面右上方的"Edit"按鈕

2. 點選"Select All"選取所有檔案,並再點擊"Zip",方可壓縮選取檔案為單一Zip檔

3. 再次點選右上角編輯按鈕,選取該壓縮檔

4. 點擊上排功能列的"Open-in"按鈕後會彈出一功能選單,選擇PDF Markup Ultimate按鈕,即可匯出該檔案到指定App中

5. 打開PDF Markup Ultimate,並點擊開壓縮檔,即可解壓縮該文件資料夾
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