How to Rotate/Add/Delete/Extract Pages from PDF Documents

1. Open one PDF file and tap “Page Edit" (  ) on the bottom of the screen. 

2. Then you will see page thumbnails of the PDF document you are currently reading.
3. Tap "Edit" () at the top-right corner of the screen, and you will see a menu bar appeared on the top of the screen.

4. You will see various editing options, including "Email out", "Rotate", "Add", "Extract", "Delete", and "Select All".

5. Select the page(s) and then tap one button you would like to use from the top menu bar. 

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    Sarah Dekiere

    This is not what the program looks like. This button is not there anymore. You should probably update your support before releasing a new version.

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    Hello Sarah Dekiere,

    Thank you for your attention! We will update the screenshots in a near future. Your suggestion and feedback are highly appreciated.

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