How to Add My Signatures to PDF Documents

1. Tap "  "  from the menu bar on the right of the screen.

2. You will see a pop up window and then write on the center of the window to create your signature.

3. Tap "Paste" and you will see your signature appeared on the file you are currently reading.
    Also, you can adjust the thickness and color for your signature before adding it to the PDF.

4. Tap "Add here" and the signature will be attached to the PDF file.


1. Tap "Clear" to clear the current signature you wrote on the window, not clear the signature attached to the PDF file.
    To remove signatures from PDF files, please refer to another article, "Remove Signatures from PDF Documents".

2. Tap "Save" to store your signature to "My Signature."

3. Tap "My Signature" and you will see the list of your stored signatures for management.

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