How to Highlight in Black to Block Texts out Completely. (調整註釋透明度)

Regarding to Gainesway1's question on the iTunes App Store, below are the details of the solution.

It's about how to change the opacity of annotation.

1. Long tap on the highlight tools and change the color to BLACK.

2. After highlighting the text contents, tap the highlither again to turn off the tool.
3. Tap the highlight you just added, and you will see a pop up menu.



4. Tap on "Opacity" and choose "100%". Then the contents will be completely blocked out.

5. If you'd like to remove the annotation, simply tap on it and choose "Delete" from the pup up menu.

1. 長按螢光筆工具,並切換顏色為黑色。 

2. 對PDF上文字加註完畢後,再點擊螢光筆工具後便可關閉該功能。  

3. 點擊剛剛你加註的螢光筆標示,你將會看到一功能清單列。

4. 點擊"透明度(Opacity)"後再選擇100%,即可完全屏蔽該加註內容。(方便應用於課業複習上)  

5. 若您想移除該註釋話,再次點擊該註釋並從功能清單中選擇"刪除(Delete)"即可移除。

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