Besides the storage space, what other services does Kdan Cloud offer?

With your free Kdan ID, you can access to online file converting, faxing, and 500MB Kdan Cloud storage. Kdan ID is also your key to our online community, AniZone, Markup, and NoteTube.


Can’t get enough with the free account? You can purchase Creativity 365 or Document 365 solutions depending on your demands.


Creativity 365

Creativity 365 is an end-to-end, cross-device content creation suite featuring 5 apps including Animation Desk, Write-on Video, NoteLedge, Markup, and Pocket Scanner. It empowers you to create jaw-droppingly beautiful, and professional content seamlessly - even while on the go. Sync your work across all devices and collaborate with your team with 1TB Kdan Cloud storage.

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Document 365

Document 365 is a comprehensive, cross-device document solution aimed at improving your productivity. The PDF document solution includes Kdan's best PDF Reader mobile and desktop apps along with online converting and faxing services. With document 365, you can leverage your productivity every day. And it starts now.

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