Besides the storage space, what other services does Kdan Cloud offer?

Registered users of Kdan Cloud will have access to exclusive offers such as discounts and free downloads of content creation tools that will greatly enhance your productivity.
Some online services Kdan Cloud offers include online file converting, faxing and file sharing with password protection.
Registered users will have full access to all of Kdan’s online communities. Our social platforms, such as AniZone, NoteTube and My Markups are popular with creative and business professionals who use the platforms to share creative works, obtain feedback, and stay updated. 

Cloud apps users can sign up for Creativity 365, which unlocks all restrictions for all cloud apps. Users will receive advanced PDF features and tools, free note-taking materials, premium animation tools and Kdan Credits. Users can also share links to their files and read them directly from browser. The storage space for Kdan Cloud will also increase to 1TB.

On the other hand, PDF Markup Cloud users can sign up for PDF Markup Pro, which provides advanced editing and content creation tools in the respective apps in addition to storage space online. 

Animation Desk Cloud users can sign up for Animation Desk Pro, which unlocks all in-app purchase items, receive advanced animation tool-kits and Kdan Credits. Alternatively, users can choose to purchase Animation Toolkit or Kdan Credits individually based on their needs.

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