Can I use Kdan Cloud on different devices?

Absolutely Yes!
With one purchase and one Kdan ID, you will be able to sync files between all Kdan apps across your mobile phone, tablet, PC/ Mac, and even across different platforms (iOS/Android/ Windows). 
For instance, if you subscribe to Creativity 365, Kdan Storage Pack or purchase Kdan Credits through any one of Kdan’s cloud apps, you can access all cloud apps on any device of yours. —you only have to pay one time. 

If you subscribe to Pro Packs, please note that the premium features will only be available when you use the relevant apps (i.e., if you subscribe to PDF Markup Pro, the premium features will made available on both PDF Markup Cloud and Pocket Scanner Cloud).
However, the restriction does not apply to users who have subscribed to Kdan Storage Pack or purchased Kdan Credits.
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