How to Use Rotoscoping


What is Rotoscoping?

Invented by Max Flesicher in 1915, rotoscope is a widely used technique that aims to enhance movement study and outline tracing. Instead of creating animations from scratch, animators use rotoscoping to capture objects movement with a better control in a shorter time frame. Visit our blog for the story of Rotoscoping.


Use Rotoscoping in Animation Desk

When you open a new sequence with video and check the “Rotoscoping” box, Animation Desk will help you transform each frame of the video into outlines only. See below GIFs: the left one shows a video imported normally, and the right one shows the video that's been rotoscoped.

Lucky_draw_normal_crop.gif         Lucky_Draw_rotoscope_crop.gif



You can then go to another layer and draw or trace through the outlines frame by frame, also add other elements and drawing to complete the animation.




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