How To Transfer Files to PDF Reader (Using Extension Folder)



Some users have concerns about the difficulty of transferring files between apps. Here is one special tip for you to efficiently transfer files from PDF Connoisseur to PDF Reader without using wifi or your cellular data.


Step 1 - Create a “Extension” Folder


  1. You need to download the PDF Reader app first (iPhone | iPad).
  2. Launch PDF Connoisseur.
  3. Tap “Edit” and tap one target file. Then tap “AirDrop”, and you will see a sharing panel.
  4. Swipe left until you see a “More” button. Tap it and turn on the “Save to PDF Reader” toggle. A “PDF Reader” icon will appear on the sharing panel.
  5. Tap the “PDF Reader” icon and choose “Keep in original” from the popup.
  6. A new copy will be saved to the “PDF Reader” folder under the “Extension” folder.




Note: The extension functionality is provided by Apple. It’s like a shared folder in your device, and you can access the files stored in the folder from within another app. With the extension folder, you can easily transfer files between Kdan’s PDF apps.


Step 2 - Move files to the “Extension” folder


  1. Tap “Edit” and select files you would like to move.
  2. Tap the “Move” button from the menu bar and then find out the PDF Reader extension folder from the directory.
  3. Then tap “Move” to move them to the extension folder.
  4. The selected files will be stored in the PDF Reader extension folder.




Step 3 - Access files from the PDF Reader app


  1. Sign in with your Kdan ID from the PDF Reader app.
  2. Users already signed up for the free upgrade offer will have an access to all the advanced tools and services. (If not, please sign up here)
  3. Tap on the PDF Reader extension folder.
  4. You will see the files you just moved in from PDF Connoisseur.
  5. You can move them out of the extension folder to save them in PDF Reader.
  6. Or you can keep them in the extension folder. Then you can access them either from PDF Reader or PDF Connoisseur.

(Note: If you need to delete the PDF Connoisseur app, please make sure you already backup all the important files)





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