How to Take Handwritten Notes

With the handwritten tools, you can write anything naturally as ideas flow. It makes NoteLedge the best note taking app for math notes, chemistry notes, music notations, or simply jotting down thoughts.

Follow the steps or watch the demo video to get started.


  1. Open the handwriting zoom box. 
  2. Start writing. You can add space, delete words, change color, or start a new line like you're typing.
  3. In addition to writing, you can draw math or chemical symbols, emojis, or small objects. Save the hassle switching between different keyboards mode.
  4. Switch between typing and writing modes quickly.
  5. Tap "Done" to paste to notes. You can resize the text/writing box.
  6. Works perfectly with Apple Pencil, Wacom (Bamboo) and Adonit stylus.


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