How to Take Notes from Ted Talk and Create Your Own Library

TED is a one of the best resources to find mind-opening ideas and get inspired. You might have tons of favorite Ted videos saved in your bookmarks, but you could feel overload with excessive information.

NoteLedge offers a workspace that allows you to embed TED videos, add screenshots, and organize your notes all in one place. Watch the demo video to see how it works. Or read on to find step-by-step tutorials.

1. Create an index

  • Open a new note project and list all the Ted Talk topics you are interested in.
  • You may preview page thumbnails to have a quick glance through all your notes and videos. Tap the thumbnail and go to the topic instantly.


2. Clip Videos from

  • Open the Web Clipper and open Ted Talk's website. Find the topic you'd like to add to your collection.
  • Use the "drag and drop" feature to drag videos from to your notes. So you will be able to embed the video in the note and watch the video whenever you want to.


3. Add more relevant information

  • You can collect more detailed information from or create a speaker profile.
  • Use the cropping tool to crop a screenshot of the web page, and insert to your notes.
  • Use "drag and drop" to clip texts, images, or links to your notes.


4. Take notes while your watching the talk

  • You may instantly go back to the original Ted web page if you need to find more information.
  • For example, if you find a particular part of the talk very inspiring, you can find the transcript on the web page. Use the "drag and drop" feature to clip the quotes from the speaker.
  • You may continue edit the texts clipped from the webpage. Highlight key messages or add your own thoughts.


5. Manage materials

  • You can find all the materials inserted in the media library, including texts, images, videos, or audios.
  • Preview thumbnails of all the materials you have inserted.
  • Tap the thumbnail to jump to the note page instantly. 



Do you find the Ted Talk organizing tip useful? Download NoteLedge and try it out for FREE. The feature is available for iPad only.

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