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I’m Frank, the PDF project manager at Kdan Mobile. Have you planned for a spring trip yet? This month, I’m going to share my experiences about how to use the markup app in planning or preparing for a spring vacation as a solo traveler. If possible, maybe you will see me in Bangkok for the amazing Songkran Festival!

Save Information to PDF


Planning a trip can be time consuming, but it’s still fun. Mostly, I will search locations on Google Maps to check the best route or transportation option to my destinations. Then take screenshots and save them to PDF Markup for offline reading in case there is no Internet access when moving.


  1. Screenshot the search results on the Google Maps app.
  2. Go to the Photo Library and select the photos.
  3. Tap the “Export” button and choose “PDF Markup” from the sharing panel.
  4. You can choose to either keep them in the original format or save to PDF.
  5. The files will be saved in the extension folder.

(Note: With the iOS extension feature, you can export the Safari web page as a PDF as well.)



Save Booking Vouchers


I personally use the Agoda app for accommodation search. Sometime, they offer flash deals available for booking from the app. After making a booking, you can send a confirmation email along with the booking voucher (PDF files) to yourself. Simply import the attachment to PDF Markup.


  1. Open the confirmation email.
  2. Long tap on the email attachment, and you will see the sharing panel.
  3. Choose “PDF Markup” to import the file to the PDF Markup app.
  4. You can put your flight info or insurance documents to PDF Markup as well.




Arrange Files in Folders


Organizing travel information will have a big impact on your ability to find those files later. I create folders naming them by the date of my trip, and then they will automatically be ordered by date.


  1. Move one document onto another to create a new folder.
  2. Rename the folder by date (mm-dd).
  3. Then drag files to the target folder accordingly.




Before You Go: Take a Copy (Hidden Hack)


Whether you travel alone or with a group, always expect the unexpected. Losing a passport is a real possibility, no matter how careful you are. Before I take off on my adventure, I will create digital copies of my passport, credit cards, and other important pieces of identification. Always be prepared for all the worst-case scenarios.


  1. Tap the “Scanner” tab for the scanner.
  2. Place your passport under the camera and start scanning.
  3. You can adjust the images using the filter or crop tool.
  4. Categorize all of the scans into one single project.



Have a safe trip!



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