How to Add Audio to Your Animation

Animation Desk now supports one audio track on one animation video.

To add audio track, go to Sequences first tap “Export” and choose one of the “.MP4” options. You will be taken to the interface to add audio.



Tap the + sign under the video to select the audio you would like to add to your video.

The length of the audio will be automatically cut to fit the length of your video.

After you finish adding the audio, tap “Export” to finish exporting the video with music.

If you do not wish to add audio to your animation, simply tap “Export” to finish the export without music.


* The audio will start from the top. At this moment, you cannot adjust where you want the audio to begin.




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    Is there any way to add audio to the animation while youre animating it? I need to add music so I can lip sync the characters, and its almost impossible to do that when I can only add the audio in at the end.

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    This feature is essential :l

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    Yeah this is kind of a big deal and a big point of why I'm still looking for other apps for animation. When that feature is added I would absolutely recommend this app.

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    Hello Russel, memelina, pyrotec37,

    Thank you so much for the feedback. We are currently working on the audio feature that allows you to add audio while animating. Please stay tuned. 

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