Explore the Keyframe Animation Effects


In this post we will set up keyframes for a sticker, so to move the stickers from one side to another side with the keyframe animation effect.


First, select the sticker on the effect time panel, and click the "Property" button. Immediately there is a menu for keyframe animation.

We want to move the sticker from its current position to its left, so click on the diamond shape button next to the "Position".




Move the indicator to the time point where you want to end the animation effect. Click on the sticker again, and set up a keyframe like the previous step. Move the sticker to the left side of the viewer. 

If we want to see the duration of keyframe animation, left click on the sticker on the effect time panel. Click on "Show Keyframe Animation" and we can see a blue bar in the effect panel.



Here is the effect,



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