How to Plan a Trip and Lighten Your Backpack

When planning a trip, things can get hectic sometimes. We’re here to share our experience on how to travel efficiently with NoteLedge.

List Your Agenda

Stay organized ahead of time and plan out each day of your trip, what you will do and see,

  1. Create a table to manage your travel plans
  2. List the date, location, plans, transportation, or activities
  3. Create checklists and make sure you have all the tickets and essentials with you


Gather Information from Travel Experts

You might have your favorite travel websites, bloggers or apps, but the online information can be too much to handle sometimes. Use NoteLedge’s Web Clipper to save key information and organize everything all in one place. If you need more details, you can go back to the original source with just one tap.

  1. Where to stay -  Find your ideal place to stay from booking services such as, Expedia, or AirBnb. Collect all essential information, reviews, pricing and location and make comparisons. This can help you make the best choice.
  2. What to eat - Yelp is our favorite source to find a good restaurant. Make reservations from OpenTable to save the time waiting in lines.
  3. Getting around - Find traveler’s favorite spots or suggestions from TripAdvisor.


Save Maps and Plan Your Route

Google map is very reliable, that’s no doubt. But when you’re out in another country, the Internet can be tricky sometimes. We’d suggest you check the map and plan your route before starting off.

  • Save offline maps - Take screenshots of Google maps’ directions, transportation or street views. Organize the screenshots in NoteLedge and make your own map, that will help you get to the destination faster.
  • Markup public transportation maps - Save the subway or metro maps, and circle the main stops you’ll be visiting or transferring trains.


Manage Travel Documents

Digitize your tickets and documents will not only make your luggages lighter, but also secure your documents.

  1. Tickets & vouchers - Your travel documents usually come in PDF format from email attachments or booking websites. Save a copy of flight information, hotel vouchers or any e-tickets in NoteLedge (or our sister app Markup). When you need to present the document, just take out your phone. Just so handy!
  2. Travel guides - No more overweight backpacks filled with travel guide books, maps or brochures. Take pictures of the pages that matters, and organize them all in NoteLedge.



Share the Plan with Your Travel Companions

When you have the travel plans ready, share it with your friends going on the trip with you so everyone can stay on the same page.

  • Export as PDF - Convert your notes into the most commonly used PDF format. 
  • Publish on NoteTube - Your travel plan is so awesome. Why not share it with other travellers? Publish it on the NoteTube community and exchange travel ideas with the world. (Just be sure not to share your personal information or sensitive contents.)


Do you find the travel tips useful? Download NoteLedge and try it out for FREE. 

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