How to Use the Cut and Paste Tools (Scissors)

On the brush toolbar, tap on the the scissors on the left, and you can call up the cut and paste tools.



Than select an area on the canvas where you want to cut/copy and paste. You can adjust the selected area by using the enlarge and the rotate tools. You can also drag the parameter to adjust its location.



Ones you've selected an area, you can perform below actions:



1. icon_scissors_cancel.PNG Cancel the selection.

2. icon_scissors_delete.PNG Delete the selected area.

3. icon_scissors_cut.PNG Cut the selected area.

4. icon_scissors_copy.PNG Copy the selected area.

5. icon_scissors_paste.PNG Paste the selected area after you choose to cut or copy it.


When you copy and paste an area, the copy will be overlapped with the original. You can drag it to where you want it to be.







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