How to Use Animated Storyboard

An animated storyboard is made with one or more animation sequences. The animated storyboard is a good way to get a blueprint of an animation project, especially in a group project.

Go to Storyboard from the main menu.


Start a Storyboard

Start a new storyboard by tapping on icon_white_add.PNG  on the upper-right toolbar and select the sequences you want to include in this storyboard. The order you select the sequences will be the order these sequences appear in the storyboard. You will be able to change the order later.

The default name of any new storyboard is "My Storyboard." You can change it here or rename it later. 



After selected the sequences, tap "Start" to start editing this storyboard.


Edit Storyboard 

On the storyboard-editing screen, you will see all the sequences included in this storyboard on the bottom. Choose a sequence and it will appear on the left screen for you to preview. All of its information will be shown on the right side, including:


  • Sequence # / total sequences. For example, #1/2 means this is the first sequence and there are a total of 2 sequences in this storyboard.
  • Sequence name: You can rename it by tapping on the pencil icon.
  • Source information: including length, date of modification
  • Description of the sequence:  you can add description or comments in the text box on the upper right part of the interface.


Sequence Toolbard 

You can use the sequence toolbar to: 


  • Open this sequence to edit it. The edit will be automatically saved and updated to the sequence included in the storyboard.
  • Replace this sequence with another sequence.
  • Make a copy of this sequence in the storyboard.
  • Delete this sequence.


Storyboard Toolbar

On the upper-right hand side of the storyboard-editing screen is the storyboard toolbar, which you can use to:


  • Add more sequences to the storyboard.
  • Select one or more sequences in this storyboard to to copy, replace, or delete. You can drag a selected sequence to change its order in the storyboard.
  • Access information about this storyboard, including date established, date modified, length, etc.
  • Export this storyboard.



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