Embrace the Inner “Darkness” of PDF Reader

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The color black symbolizes power, intelligence, elegance, and mystery, but it’s also associated with style. Today, we are going to tell you how to utilize the “Darkness” of PDF Reader to make your reading experience better.

Black out Text Content


If you would like to hide some key information or answers from your textbooks while preparing for exams, try to black out the text content with highlights.

  1. Long tap on the highlighter.
  2. Change the color to “Black” with the opacity of 100%.
  3. Drag over the text you wish to hide.


(Note: This is not a redaction tool, so the hidden content can still be found while using text search. If you need to prevent others from revealing the covered text, you could share it as a screenshot instead)




View PDFs in Black theme


Dark theme is much easier on your eyes, especially in low-light conditions. You can also conserve battery life on your smartphones or tablets with OLED displays.

  1. Open one PDF.
  2. Tap on the “Viewer Mode” icon on the top menu bar.
  3. Change the theme from “White” to “Black”.
  4. That’s it--now enjoy the black theme when reading PDFs.




Turn to the Dark Side


In the next scheduled update, the Mac version of PDF Reader will be fully optimized for the the latest macOS Mojave. You can choose either the light or dark side.

  1. Simply go to “System Preferences” and tap on the “General” pane.
  2. Choose “Dark Mode” to change the default interface style.
  3. The PDF Reader will automatically switch to the dark mode.


(Note: The dark mode is currently only available for the latest macOS Mojave)



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