Animation Techniques

If you are new to animation, here are some resources for you to start!


Back to Basics 

Enjoy our #AD4EVER series and learn basic animation principles and how to implement them in Animation Desk. Follow the lessons below.

(All videos are filmed with Animation Desk iPad version, but you can find all these features in the Windows version.)


Lesson 1: From Seed to Plant

Learn about importing background, selecting colors, and duplicating frames.


Lesson 2: Flying Bee

Learn about the principles of Timing and Spacing, Slow In and Slow Out, and Arc. Also learn how to use the stamping tool (scissors) to create animation effect.


Lesson 3: Space Flight

Learn about "inbetweening" and how to use key frames to create desired animation effect.


Lesson 4: Gliding Car

Learn about cutout animation and how to create a looping GIF with Animation Desk.


Lesson 5: Fruits and Veg! Action!

Learn to create stop-motion animation with Animation Desk.


Lesson 6: Squash and Stretch

Learn about the principle of Squash and Stretch in the 12 Principles of Animation and how it affects your animation.

Watch the entire Back to Basics series here.


12 Principles of Animation

The principles developed by Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in their book The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation introduce the approaches professional animators take to make their work lively and real. 

Here are a few introductions to these principles: 

Understand Disney's 12 principles of animation by Creative Bloq

12 Principles of Animation by AlanBecker Tutorials

Animation Mentor and the 12 Principles of Animation by Animation Mentor


Got other resources? Share with us and our users in the comment! :)




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