Use Surface Dial with Animation Desk

Basic How-tos about Surface Dial

Here's how to navigate with the Surface Dial.

  • Press the Dial while rotating to switch between the main functionalities, eg. switch between Highlighter and Underline.
  • Press to switch between options in one main functionality, eg. in the Highlighter option, press switch between color selection and opacity adjustment.
  • Rotate to adjust the scale within one option, eg. in the opacity option, rotate to adjust the percentage.
  • The Dial vibrates at each turn, so it’s easy to know whether a desired value is achieved.


Use Surface Dial with PDF Reader

You can use Surface Dial to navigate through the following functionalities in PDF Reader.



While the Dial is at Zoom function, turn to zoom in and zoom out.



When the Dial is at Brush function, press to switch between brush size and opacity selections.

When in size or opacity, turn the Dial to make selection.

See more on how to use brushes.



When the Dial is at Color function, press to switch between Hue, Saturation, and Value selections.

See more on how to use color palette in Animation Desk.


Key Frame

When the Dial is at Key Frame function:

  • Turn to switch between key frames.
  • Press to play the sequence from the key frame selected.

Key frames are the frames you actually draw. The repeated frames will not show in the key frames.

See more on how to use frame manager.



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