How to Change App Language Settings

Normally, the app language follows your system language settings.

When you, for some reason, want to change the app language to one that's different from the system's, you can do that in the app settings.


From the navigation bar, tap the "Settings" in the bottom, or this icon icon_settings.PNG.

When you enter the Settings, you will be at the "General" tab, where you will see "Language Settings" and a drop down menu. 

Choose from the menu a language you prefer. 

Then, a dialogue will pop up, asking you to reboot the app. 

  • If you choose "Yes," the app will close itself and reopen to the language you just set.
  • If you choose "Next time," meaning you don't want to reopen the app now, the app will stay open and the app language will remain the same. When you are ready to reopen the app, you can set the language again.

PDF Reader currently supports eight (8) languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.



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