How to make a digital planner with custom paper

The beauty of digital planner is the freedom to write and draw anywhere you like, add pictures or videos, and carry it with you all the time. Whether you need a weekly planner to organize your schedule, or a scrapbooking planner to record your life, NoteLedge has all the tools you need!

Let’s get started and make this year a superb one! (Hint: 2019 New Year special offer available in the end of the article!)

Use the Weekly Planner Templates in NoteLedge

  1. Create a new notebook.
  2. Tap “...” at the upper right corner of the editing area. Choose “Paper style”.
  3. Set up paper style in landscape or portrait mode. Choose the planner paper style and apply it to “app pages”.
  4. Now the planner paper style is all set, start add the dates and to dos to your weekly planner.

Tips: Get creative with stickers: Use labels to highlight important events on your planner, or add emojis to mark special moments.Planner_template_800.PNG

Choose Any Paper Style You Like

There are a variety of planner styles you can apply to your journal, such as daily to-do list, fitness journal, workout log, etc. Customize the paper styles with NoteLedge and explore endless possibilities with your planner. 

  1. Search “printable planner” on Pinterest, Etsy or Google to find the planner style you like.
  2. Save them to your iPad Camera Roll as images.
  3. Tap “...” at the upper right corner of the editing area. Go to “Paper style” and choose “Album” under Custom.
  4. Find the planner image you saved.
  5. Apply the planner to your notes. When asked “Do you want to add filter effect to the customized paper?”, choose “No”.
  6. The customized template is all set. Happy note-taking!


 (Printable planner source:Elle, Olive & Co. Daily Planner)



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