How To Zoom On Your Documents

We just launched the all new zoom tool bar!

It looks like this:

                          (1)                                                    (2)                                               (3)  

Functions from left to right are:

(1) Page no. / total pages (in this document)

(2) Zoom out (shrink in size), zoom percentage, zoom in (enlarge size)

(3) Fit Width or Fit Page, one of the pre-set zoom settings (see below).

(x) Fold the tool bar, so it only shows the part of page no. (part (1)).


To zoom, you can simply use the zoom in/out tool. Or open advanced zoom settings by tapping on the zoom percentage field, which will expand the tool bar to this:



On the advanced zoom tool bar, you can select pre-existing zoom percentage or set your own. You can also select from one of the four pre-set zoom settings to adjust your zoom quickly. The setting are:

  • Actual Size: the document will display at its actual, 100% size.
  • Fit Page: the document will display as fitting the entire one page in the screen.
  • Fit Width: the document will display as fitting the width.
  • Fit Visible: the document will display as fitting to the content that's visible. This usually coincides with "Fit Width" if the document is in portrait orientation.



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