Turn Your iPad into an Outbound Machine (Print and Fax PDF Documents)


Though new technology and the internet have changed the way we access and transfer documents, sometimes we still rely on physical files in our business workflow instead of simply sending emails or keeping documents in digital copies. We’re going to share 3 scenarios on how PDF Reader turns your iPhone into a portable, outbound machine.

Use AirPrint


You can print documents straightly from the PDF Reader app using AirPrint:

  1. Make sure you and the printer are under the same WiFi connection
  2. Open the PDF and tap the “More” button on the top right corner
  3. Tap “Print” and select the printer you want to use
  4. Edit the print settings and start printing



Print from ibon


If you’re on a business trip to Taiwan, the ibon cloud printing service enables you to print documents in any 7-11 store in Taiwan (The option is exclusively available in Taiwan).

  1. Open the PDF and tap ”Print from ibon”
  2. Select pages you would like to print and tap “Upload”
  3. Then you will get one confirmation number and a QR code
  4. Take them with you to any 7-11 store and print the document




Send Faxes through Kdan Cloud


Instead of transferring files through emails or clouds, PDF Reader incorporates the ability to share a document via fax:

  1. Open the PDF and tap on the “Kdan Cloud” service button
  2. Choose “Fax” from the menu list and fill in the required info
  3. Add a free cover page if needed (optional)
  4. Tap "Send", and then you can track the sending status in “Task Manager”








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