How To Run A Demo

Download and install Xcode (


Note: Please refer to Apple’s developer site if you need more information on the Xcode guidance.


 KMPDFKit SDK for iOS provides one demo project in Objective-C for developers to learn how to call the SDK on iOS. The demo is located in the "PDFViewer" folder, and developer can try out all the features we have in KMPDFKit SDK. In this guide, it takes the "object-c" demo as an example to show how to run it in Xcode.




  • Click on the “PDFViewer.xcodeproj” found in the " PDFViewer " folder to open the demo project in Xcode.
  • Click on "Product -> Run" to run the demo on an iOS device. After building the demo successfully, on the start screen, click the " PDF32000_2008.pdf" document, and then it will be opened and displayed.


Note: The demo version of KMPDFKit SDK only supports real device compilation and debugging. The simulator architecture is not supported for the time being. If you need the simulator architecture, please contact us, and we will provide you with a separate copy.

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