Create a shared folder for team collaboration

A shared folder is ideal when you want to invite a group of people to collaborate in a folder. You can set up permission to edit or only to view for different people.


Tap the collaboration button on the top-right corner


Tap the folder icon to add a new folder.


Or, drag a private folder to the upper section of the interface.



There are 2 ways to invite team members. When you first create a shared folder, tap the more button and select “Share with”. You can enter people’s email and give permission.  


Anyone that’s categorized as a “Guest Users” can view or edit the folder, but they cannot invite any team members.


A team member can view or edit the folder, and they can also add people to the team member list.


Alternatively, you can also create a new team list before creating a shared folder. By doing so, you can import the team list quickly.



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