Manage your shared folders: invite users, activity log, and unsharring


A shared folder is a folder that you share with a group of people. Here is some brief introduction on how to manage the shared folders.


Please tap the collaboration button on the top-right corner to view a list of the shared folders on the top of the interface.




How to Set a Folder as a Shared Folder

Please refer to “Create a shared folder for team collaboration


Menu and Setting

Tap “More” next to a shared folder to edit the folder.

  • Invite users:  invite users to edit this folder. You can set up permission after selecting a group of users.
  • Team Panel: view the activity log of this folder.
  • Rename: rename the file
  • Information: check folder size, created date, and the date of last modification
  • Team clipboard: A board for clipping web pages and save images


Tap the gauge next to the folder to set up who can access the folder or change the owner.


If you wish to unshare this folder, please scroll down and select “Unshare Folder”.


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