How to request files from others?

Kdan Cloud allows you to request files from others and upload files to your assigned folder. This comes in handy when you need to collect files from others.


Request Files

First, select a folder and click "..." next to it. Choose "Request Files" from the menu.


There are 2 ways to share Request Links.

  1. Copy link: Copy the request link and share with others. Anyone with the link can upload files to this folder.
  2. Email link: Enter emails or click “+” to select members from your teams. The recipient will receive an email with a link to upload files to this folder. You can also enter message as you email the link.

If you want to stop sharing the link, Simply switch off the “Share Request Link” option, or go to the  “Links” tab to remove the links.



Upload Files

The recipients will get a web link like this. They can imply add files to this specific web page to upload files to your designated folder. No need to be a registered Kdan member to upload files. To protect your privacy, they won't see any files that are already uploaded to the folder.



Set Permissions

The request link is default as public, anyone with the link can upload files to this folder. However, if you’d like to control the access to the folder, click “Set Permissions” to set up a password. Anyone with the link will be required to enter the password to access the folder.


Manage Links

To manage links you already shared, go to the "Links" tab to check existing links, or remove them.

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