3 Efficient Ways to Share Notes and Collaborate with Teams

NoteLedge allows you to work across devices or share notes with anyone. Here are 3 easy ways to share notes.

  1. The Fastest Way to Share Notes Across Devices - AirDrop & Share Extensions

The fastest way to share notes across iOS & Mac devices nearby is AirDrop.

If you are sharing notes with anyone in a distance or using Android/Windows devices, take advantage of the iOS share extension and select the messaging apps, email or cloud services to send files instantly.


The receivers can open the “.nl file” when NoteLedge is installed on their devices to view and edit the notes.

  1. Share Notes with a Group - Share Download Links

Kdan Cloud provides efficient file management and sharing features for NoteLedge and all fellow Kdan apps. For all the notes you uploaded to Kdan Cloud from the NoteLedge app, you can find them on Kdan Cloud website or the Kdan Cloud app.

By sharing download links, you can save the time and hassles sending files one by one. Even better, no more attaching large files to your email.

Follow the 4 steps to share download links:

  1. Upload notes to Kdan Cloud from the NoteLedge app
  2. Open the file on Kdan Cloud app or website
  3. Click "…" next to the file and select "Share Download Link"
    1. Copy link to share with anyone
    2. Email the link to your friends or team members
  4. Anyone with the link can view notes on Kdan Cloud web viewer, and download the original .nl file to continue working on NoteLedge. Password protection is available.


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  1. Share Multiple Notes with Your Team at Once - Shared Folder

If you are sharing notes with your teams (i.e. your class, clients or co-workers), you can organize notes into a shared folder and share with everyone in one shot.

  1. Upload notes to Kdan Cloud from the NoteLedge app.
  2. Open the file on Kdan Cloud app or website.
  3. Create a shared folder and add files.
  4. Invite users or team members to the shared folder via email. You can manage who can access, view or edit files in the shared folder.
    • The invitees will receive a link in their emails. Simply click the link to access the shared folder and start collaboration!
    • Or you can generate a download link to the folder and share the link with anyone.

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