iAniMagic 2019: Animal Party


Contest Theme:  Animal Party

Use animals as the main characters in your animation.



  • You must create your contest entries on Animation Desk 
  • Your submissions should be between 15-30 seconds long
  • You may enter as many submissions as you like
  • There is no cost for entering the contest
  • You need a Kdan ID to submit your work
  • Submission deadline: Oct 31 2019


How to Submit

Enter the select mode in the sequence tab, and select the animations that you wish to submit.


Tap on the "Share" button, and select "iAniMagic".


You can add audio track and select the resolution. After you are done, tap "Done" and start uploading. 





All submissions will be reviewed by the competition staff. This might take 3-5 workdays, and you will receive a confirmation email in AniZone inbox.


Find out more on iAniMagic competition website.

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