iAniMagic 2019: Corgi Unlocked – Animation Template and How to Use it


**For cat people, a cat template will be unlocked if we received 90 submissions before Sept 30. You can check the latest number of submission on the news page.**




Thanks for the effort! Though we do not make it to the 30 submissions, it's close enough. We announce that the Corgi Template has been officially unlocked! Please following these steps to download the template in the app.

  1. Open Animation Desk, go to the “Sequence” tab.
  2. Tap the “Download” button.



Wait for the download to complete, and you are ready to use the corgi template!


 How can I use the template?

Please note, you need to add your own creativity to the template in order to submit to the iAniMagic animation competition.

You can add extra frames, different colors, and new characters to the template. Layers can be helpful to you.



Don’t forget - the submission should be between 15 -30 sec. long. Use the competition portal to submit your work. 





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    Hello I really found animation desk a great animation app and the competitions that you guys host I find a great idea to inspire other animators

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    Hello @Pukeface08, thank you for your support to the app and the competition [[[Pukeface08]]]. We really love the art of animation, and are more than happy to know the app/event is inspiring people like us :))))

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