Present Your PDF with Slideshow Mode

** Slideshow Mode is a premium feature that requires a Document 365 subscription to access. **

How to use Slideshow Mode to present your PDF:

When you are in Slideshow Mode, the interface looks like this:


You will have access to the following tools to help you present:

  • Laser pointer: When enter the Slideshow Mode, the pointer is in default set as on. You can turn it off by hitting on the Slideshow_mode_laser_pointer.JPGin the top toolbar.
  • Colored pens: Choose from the top toolbar a pen color you like, and you can start drawing and underlining the document you are presenting. The marking will only be seen in the Slideshow Mode and will not appear in the actual document.
    ** When any of the colored pens is selected, the laser pointer will be turned off automatically. **

How to access Slideshow Mode:

There are ways to access Slideshow Mode:

From the Home screen, under the Office Tools, you will see the Slideshow tool. Click on it, select a file to start, and you will be taken to the Slideshow Mode of the document of your selection.


You can also start a slide show from within a particular document. When browsing a document, choose the "more options" icon (shown as three horizontal dots) from the upper tool bar, choose "Slideshow," and you will be taken to the Slideshow Mode of the document you are viewing.




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