Request Files from Others - Using request link code

What is a link code

Link code is a 10-digit code that you can use to login an assigned folder. 

If you are requesting files from others

  1. Tap “Generate Request Link” in the expanded menu


  1. Tap "Get the Link”


  1. You will see the code at the bottom of the popup window.


This code will be included in the invitation mail that you send out to others. You can also share this code with others via 3rd-party apps.

Receivers can use this code to upload files to the assigned folder in Kdan Cloud.


If you receive a file request….

There should be a 10-digit request link code in the invitation email 

Open Kdan Cloud,  you can choose from logging into the app with your Kdan ID, or continue to the app with the link code.

If you continue with the link code, just enter the code and start uploading your file.

If you log in Kdan Cloud, you will find the button, “Upload with a Link Code”, tap it, and enter the link code to get started.


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