Signer's Perspective: How To Receive A One-Time Password (OTP) from Email to Sign A Requested Document?

OTP verification is a system to provide users a higher standard of security assurance than regular email verification. Signers are required to verify their identities by entering the verification code to continue signing the document. Signers will receive emails with secure passwords sent by the DottedSign server. 

Signers can easily sign the document with OTP either in the app or from the web browser.

  1. Go to “Tasks” in the DottedSign web or enter “Home” in your app
  2. Open an awaiting document in “Waiting for Me”
  3. Fill in the requested field
  4. Click on “Finish”
  5. Choose “Confirm” to finish
  6. A pop-up window will appear to request an OTP to verify your identityOTP1.png
  7. Go to your email inbox to receive the OTPOTP2.1.png
  8. Get the OTP
  9. Enter the code to finish signingOTP4.png



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