Foster Your Productivity in a New Academic Year (Add Comments and Shapes to PDF)


Create more this academic year. Here are two quick tips to help inspire your creativity and productivity:


Add Comments Using Text box


In the latest updates, we put a toolkit with multiple editing tools for you to choose from to edit PDF documents:

  1. Open a PDF and tap on the toolkit for the text box tool
  2. Set up the properties for the text box, including color and font size
  3. Tap “Add” and tap on where you want to insert text content
  4. You can edit it by tapping on the text box afterwards

 Note: The text box tool doesn’t support to choose font yet.



Add Comments With Shapes


You can add shapes to call attention to specific portions of a document instead of using highlighter:

  1. Open a PDF and tap on the toolkit for the shape tool
  2. There are four markup tools for you to choose from, including circle, rectangle, line, and arrow.
  3. Choose one and set up the properties (color, opacity, or thickness)
  4. Then add to where you want it to be








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