Foster Your Productivity in a New Academic Year (Backup & Import Annotations to PDF)


Create more this academic year. Here are three quick tips to help inspire your creativity and productivity:


Export Annotations as XFDF


XFDF (XML Forms Data Format) is a format for representing forms data and annotations in PDF files. You can share your insights with study partners or classmates instead of sending the whole document:

  1. Open the PDF document containing annotations
  2. Tap the “BOTA” button and choose “A” for the annotation list 
  3. Tap the “M” (Markup) button and export annotations as an XFDF file
  4. The XFDF file will be saved in the “Markup” folder

 Note: You can choose to share the XFDF as a link, and the receiver can preview it on the web browser or download it. 



Import XFDF to PDF Document


You can import the XFDF file made by others and apply to the same PDF document to learn  from your partners:

  1. Open the original PDF document
  2. Tap the “BOTA” button and choose “A” for the annotation list 
  3. Tap the “Import” button and select one XFDF file
  4. Then a new copy will be created with annotations



Share Annotation Summary


All annotations you created within one PDF can be shared as a summary via emails:

  1. Open the PDF document containing the annotations you created
  2. Tap the “More” button on the top right corner
  3. Tap “Share via” and choose “Summary”
  4. Then share the annotations as a summary via an email









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